Founding Story

Meet Tom Hsiao, the visionary founder behind Findmingo. A dedicated and discerning shopper, Tom envisioned a solution to the inefficiency of scouring through multiple websites to find the best deals. However, the realization of this vision required more than just an idea – it required a team.

Tom shared his vision with his friend and now Chief Technology Officer, Wit Kurowski, and together they embarked on the journey to create Findmingo. Wit's technical expertise became the driving force behind the platform, shaping it into a sophisticated and user-friendly space.

Supporting Tom's vision on the administrative front is Will Hsiao, not just as Tom's husband but as an integral part of the administration team. Will's unwavering support and commitment played a pivotal role in navigating the early stages of Findmingo's development.

Unified Vision, Diverse Skills

With Tom's visionary leadership, Wit's technical prowess, and Will's administrative acumen, Team Findmingo was born. This collaborative spirit is not just a feature of our team; it's at the core of Findmingo's DNA. The belief that the best solutions emerge from diverse talents coming together is what sets us apart.

Join Team Findmingo

As we shape the future of online shopping, we invite you to join us on this exciting venture. With innovation, collaboration, and a shared passion for enhancing the shopping experience, Team Findmingo is ready to redefine the standards of online shopping.